The Various Types of Market Research Software

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Market research is the key to success in any business. The market being dynamic, entrepreneurs should ensure that they are up to date with the constantly changing state of the market. To begin, market research, in simple terms involves an activity aimed at gathering information that depicts consumers’ preferences, needs and wants. Through market research, any service provider can easily identify a gap of a missing product in the market.

dataDue to the large nature of the market, it is important that you employ several aids when conducting the research. This includes various software’s to ease your work. Software development gigs have developed an endless number of softwares that are sold out in the market. They, however, differ in their working process. You should, therefore, identify the most appropriate market research software that suits your platform. Below are just but a few top rated softwares.

Qualtrics Insight platform – rated 5-star, this market research software targets individuals and   organizations whose primary aim is to find insights leading to increased momentum, growth and real change within the organization. It delivers faster, content rich and organized data summed up from various online platforms. It provides a platform of building surveys, sending them out and analyzing results swiftly. It provides for a free trial period and the selling starting price is $299.

QuestionPro. Having a base of 2.5 million interface users over several countries, QuestionPro has gained popularity especially in academic institutions, small ventures, individual researchers and other companies. Its ease of use and customer support services earns it a rating of 4.5. Information gathered from this market research software enables users to make better business related decisions and choices. It also provides a free trial period and a subscription price beginning from $12 per month.

DataPlay. This software has captured the demographic, legal, medical, financial, tourism and trading sectors. Thanks to its timely data analysis and presentation with an automated SPSS tool that enables a faster analysis, visualization and storage of data. A major boost for this software is that your data is stored securely in the cloud enabling maximum security. Its price ranges from $140 but has a free trial.

The survey system. Produced by creative research systems, this app suits people who basically conduct market research, public opinions, and workers attitude among other essential surveys. It provides multiple data collection methods including the use of telephone calls, online, printed questionnaires and panels. Its 5-star rating can be attributed to its comprehensive and well-refined reporting and data analysis system.

GovWin IQ. This top-rated market research software provides top notch market intelligence sourced by various competing firms and educative platforms. When acquired, it places your firm at an upper hand of winning state and local governmental projects as well as procurement tenders in agencies. It is however quite expensive with a $6000 starter subscription per year and of course a free trial.